LNO, inProto Hologram partnership with Proto Hologram, is honored to support the 6th Annual Mad Scientist Bash, which benefits the U.S. space and rocket centers STEM programs like Space Camp, Cyber Camp, Robotics Camp and Aviation Challenge.

LNO is working closely with Proto during the event and beyond to explore next level communications in training, education and healthcare. Proto delivers a truly lifelike holographic experience so viewers see, hear and interact with others anywhere in the world. Proto will exhibit its ground-breaking 3D technology


Proto is changing the way the world connects. Whether it’s live events, advertising and reteail, training and education, healthcare, hospitality & travel, or transportation, Proto platforms are real-life hologram devices that beam objects and people anywhere in the world in stunningly real detail.

LNO is particularly interested in using Proto holographic systems in the training, education and healthcare space. As the world’s first holographic communications platform, LNO will play an integral role ensuring Proto’s end-to-end systems for creation, management, delivery & playback of interactive hologram content is readily available in the federal marketplace.

For federal sales information, contact For more information about Proto Hologram products, please visit Proto Hologram.