Charlie Novotny


Charlie Novotny enlisted in the U.S Army in March of 1989 and was commissioned an Infantry Second Lieutenant from Oklahoma State University ROTC program in 1995 with a Bachelor Degree’s in Aviation and Business Management.

Novotny retired from the Army in 2022 and most recently served at Special Operations Command – Central, as the Director of Logistics, Engineering and Contracting.  Over the last 33 years, he has commanded in garrison and in combat at every level from Colonel to Lieutenant with most of his time in the Special Operations Community.

Novotny is owner and Chief Executive Officer of LNO, Inc. and provides daily leadership and direction across the LNO corporate landscape including Operations, Finance, Business Development, and Human Resources. As the CEO of a fast-growing small business, Novotny makes major corporate decisions, manage the company’s resources and operations, and communicates with LNO’s management teams and corporate operations.

  • US Army (1989–2021) (Colonel, Ret.)
  • Recipient of 21 DoD/Army awards and commendations for superior achievement and outstanding performance